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Faculty & Staff


David Matthews, Principal

Homeroom 11th & 12th

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Bachelor of Science in Elementary & High School Education
20+ Years Principal Experience

Also Teaches:

  • Physical Education and Health
  • Griggs Facilitator
  • Art 7th-10th
  • Bible
  • Volleyball Coach



Catherine Wieden

Homeroom 9-10

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Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with minors in Math & Physics, MAT in Secondary Ed
Master of Divinity with focus on Youth Ministry

Also Teaches:

  • Algebra I/Geometry/Algebra II
  • Physical Science/Biology/Chemistry
  • Language Arts 7-8
  • Science 7-8
  • Drama
  • Bible


Brandon Robison

Homeroom 7-8

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Bachelor of Arts in History/Education with minor in Biology
Master of Arts in History 

Also Teaches:

  • Social Studies (Grades 7-8)
  • Math (Grades 7-8)
  • American/British Literature
  • Computers
  • Basketball Coach
  • American/World History
  • Government
  • English
"After spending eight summers at Adventist summer camps, I found my passion in leading young souls to Christ. I also enjoy finding ways to make history and literature both relevant to my students, and use these academic disciplines as a means of connecting students to their own unique callings in Christ. I believe that the best education occurs when students build lasting relationships of trust with their teachers and peers that transcend the classroom."


Whitney Robison

Grades 5-6

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Bachelor of Arts in Education
Master of Science in Literacy Education

"Before I began teaching I spent many years working at summer camps and being involved in children's ministry. I enjoy design and creativity, and have applied those skills as yearbook sponsor for the past three years. I enjoy teaching students to become self-directed learners with strong social and personal skills. My teaching philosophy and approach to discipline are strongly influenced by the "Love and Logic" model based on William Glasser's "choice theory." Studying scripture with my students and teaching them how to better understand and explore the Bible in their personal devotional life is important to me. I feel a particular passion for the disciplines of reading and writing, and I feel that students with a strong foundation in these fields will excel in all other disciplines."

Leslie Frantz

Grades 3-4

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Licensure to teach K-8

"I have always known that I was created to be a teacher. I love finding creative ways to help my students think! Science is my favorite subject and we have lots of fun learning in my class."


Kristianne Roberts

Grades 1-2

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Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Teacher Certification
Master of Science in Literacy Education

"I specialize in reading and writing instruction. Teaching is so much fun and a challenge. I enjoy learning with my students."


Rhonda Monroe

Grades PreK-K

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Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education


Traci Oms


Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing

Traci has been working with choirs since her high school days, and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in music.


Luz Quiles

Spanish I/II and 7-8 Bible



Nancy Dever

Office Administrator


Arden Hagele

School Treasurer

Email: treasurer.laa@gmail.com
Phone: 813.310.3839