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Piano and Voice Lessons

Eberenz Piano and Voice Studio Information

Thank you for your interest in our music studio. We would love the opportunity to share in your music making experience! The following is information about the studio and expectations for both teacher and student.

We are Jim and Martha Eberenz and have been teaching piano for many years. We really enjoy teaching and watching our students grow and develop their musical talents.

As your piano teachers, we expect to always give 110% in the musical education of our students. We teach theory, technique, and use a wide variety of music genres to insure a successful music experience. You will learn to read and play music! We expect our students to come to lessons at assigned times, with lesson books and materials, and to practice most days at least 20 to 30 minutes. 

Lessons run 30 minutes a week. The cost of these 30 minute lessons is $60 per month (up to 4 lessons a month as calendar allows). Some months have two or three lessons with one or two recitals (such as December and May). Cash only lesson fees are expected the first lesson of the month and no later than the 7th of each month. (Envelopes with money, month being paid for, and student's name can always be left at the office.) Lessons paid for after the 7th of each month will be charged an additional late fee of $10.00. Months having a fifth week are used to make up missed lessons. A free lesson is yours if no lessons are missed. Due to this very reasonable and low lesson rate, if you miss a lesson the fifth week is the only make-up time for you. We have found ourselves having to change and make up too many lessons for all the other activities shared by our students. Also, lessons are taught at school, during school time, so we are required to follow the school's schedule. Sometimes we are pre-empted by school activities, field trips, and/or inclement weather. This is a serious commitment between you, your child, and us to have a successful musical experience. Again, thank you for your interest in PIANO LESSONS at LAA. Here's looking to a successful and rewarding musical journey for all!

To sign up, print the form below and follow the instructions.

Jim and Martha Eberenz

Piano Lesson Sign-up Form