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Attention All Volunteers!

If you plan on chaperoning field trips, driving, helping out in the classroom or volunteering anywhere on LAA's campus, you must complete Verified Volunteers online training and background check. This program takes about an hour and a half from start to finish, and can be paused at any time and completed later if you are unable to complete it in one sitting. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://www.ncsrisk.org/adventist/.
  2. Click the blue "First-Time Registrant" button.
  3. Choose Kentucky as your organization's state, then click Select and Continue.
  4. Under "Select Your Conference, Program or University", select Kentucky-Tennessee Conference, then click Select and Continue.
  5. Create a UserID and Password.
  6. Complete the User Login Data, then click Continue.
  7. Continue entering all requested information and clicking Next Step until complete.
  8. Click on the title of one of the two assigned course modules and follow the steps to complete that course. Do the same for the other assigned course. When the first course is completed, an option to print a completion certificate will be displayed on-screen.
  9. Print off the certificate.
  10. Follow the steps on the website to order your background check (no cost).
  11. Bring a copy of the completion certificates to the school office.